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Wingsuiting or wingsuit flying is, as the name suggests, putting on a special suit to fly through the air! Loïc Jean-Albert, founding member of the Soul Flyers and the first proximity flyers, brought many BASE jumpers into the sport. Together with Patrick de Gayardon, he created his own wingsuit prototypes in 1999. Fred made his first wingsuit jump with one of these prototypes.

We regularly fly with wingsuits, just for fun, because it really feels like pure flight. We’re interested in the possibilities offered by proximity flying, made possible by BASE-jump wingsuit flying. This is something we’ve been doing more and more since our first BASE wingsuit jumps in 2005.

Initial Soul Flyers, Loïc and Zun, did an enormous number of wingsuit flights. As pioneers and wingsuit developers, they were at the cutting edge of this discipline. Loic’s proximity jump of 2003 in Verbier would revolutionize BASE-jumping forever.

Wingsuit flying from a plane is essential training for BASE-jumping. What’s more, it’s a lot of fun and allows you to do group and formation flights, which are not normally possible during BASE-jumping. Creating figures and group flights whilst belly flying or back flying, all these flight configurations can only be achieved whilst jumping from a plane. And we love that!

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