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Bound together by strong friendship and a shared passion for aerial sports, Soul Flyers was founded in 2003 by original members Loïc Jean-Albert, Valéry Montant, Claud Remide and Stéphane Zunino. Over the years, the team continuously changed, some members left the group while others joined.

In 2010 we realized that this was a legacy we wanted to continue, and a dream we want to pursue for the rest of our lives. With a shared passion for flying, a love for breathtaking views and the dedicated company and friendship of others with common aims, we embarked on a mission to relaunch the Soul Flyers team.


Their philosophy: The Soul Flyers are more than a team. It’s a state of mind that they pass on.

US, a really tight TEAM.


We have been Freeflying together for eighteen years and doing all kinds of extreme aerial sports together. Thanks to many years of Freefly training (approximately 11000+ jumps together) and the other aerial sports that we share, we manage to get extreme precision and a perfect synchronization in all our free fall moves and flights. Training and competitions have taught us to always seek a high level of performance, quality and security in everything that we do.

So, here we are. Ready to carry on pushing the limits of the sports that we’re so passionate about. And why not? Share and use our aerial skills in projects, films and displays!


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