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BASE Jumping

BASE-jumping is at the heart of the Soul Flyers’ passion. Valéry Montant, Loïc Jean-Albert and Claude Remide pushed the limits of this sport during the 90s, and we’ve since taken over the mantel. During our years in the French Team, we always considered BASE-jumping as a “fun” thing to do in between training sessions, “just for a laugh.” But since 2010, this specific activity has taken a more intense turn with the birth of the FreeFly BASE project.

The idea of FreeFly BASE is to mix FreeFly figures, originally from skydiving out of planes, and BASE-jumping from a fixed point. This involves jumping from cliffs that are high enough to provide sufficient airtime to do mainly head-down, skydiving figures. FreeFly BASE jumps are relatively short but highly intense with crazy visual references, especially when head down.

However, Wingsuit BASE-jumping makes for longer flights, enabling you to cover longer distances and more importantly to “swoop” the mountains, i.e. fly close to ground. The more this discipline’s techniques and wingsuits evolve, the more flight possibilities it offers. Wingsuit BASE flying is now a sport in its own right.

This sport gives us amazing sensations!

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