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As a professional, Fred Fugen is constantly setting himself new challenges that push the limits of weightlessness. During each of his exploits, he brings to life the genesis of the Soul Flyers and shares his experience with his fellow flyers.

Since their beginnings in 2003 the Soul Flyers collective never ceases to perform sporting feats.

Convinced that the achievement of dreams, teamwork and risk management are inseparable parameters, these pillars are fundamental to the success of our projects. If you too are convinced that these values are necessary to achieve the goals of your company and your employees, Fred Fugen will be happy to share his experience with you.

We are able to conduct conferences where we tell the story of our adventure in detail, to inspire our audience, to push their limits. We bring you into our World by explaining the techniques of surpassing oneself necessary to carry out our projects.

Our greatest reward is to see our audience’s reaction, to see them project themselves into our experiences – ready to jump off a mountain or enter a plane in mid-air.

As experts in the fields of self-motivation, inspiration, team building and challenge, we motivate entrepreneurs and employees to take action. Depending on your needs, we are able to adapt and organize speeches of few minutes or few hours.

If you would like to discover the secrets of our success and be part of our adventure while motivating yourself or your team, do not hesitate to contact us.

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