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Speed Riding

The Soul Flyers have been involved in the creation of a new winter sport called Speed Riding, which is basically a mixture of skiing and flying. Valéry Montant (from the first generation of Soul Flyers) was one of the first paraglider pilots to fly with mini paraglider wings and skis. 

A couple of years later, in 2001, Fred was the first one to take off with a small skydiving canopy and skis. He completed the first flights of this kind in Valfrejus, in the French Alps, which later will become the « Mecca » of Speed Riding. (Vince then joined Fred in 2003)

Speed Riding, therefore, has been a mix of three sports: skydiving (because we used the small skydiving canopies), skiing and paragliding technics and harnesses. 

We have both been at the beginning of this sport not only participating in the first Speed Riding competitions ever conducted (Speed Flying Pro 2007 – 08 – 09 – 10) but are also certified instructors. With a combined amount of more than 5000 flights together, this sport is another way for us to express ourselves in another element: the snow. It’s the perfect combination of our skydiving piloting skills mixed with skiing, which we have been enjoying since we were kids.

Speed Riding is now its own sport with specific equipment and manufacturers, schools, and technics.

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